Mabel (マエブル, Maeburu) is also known by her real name, Ayane Himura (緋村彩音, Himura Ayane). She is the main antagonist of Fallen Petals.

Affiliations Edit

Haruna Utsugi

Haruna was Mabel's childhood friend, and Mabel is madly in love with her, to the point where she murdered the majority of her classmates in order to get revenge for what they did to her.

Appearance Edit

Dreamcatcher Edit

Mabel in the dream world wears a blue hoodie. The hoodie has two stripes going across the chest, and below the lines, the hoodie is white. There are two large, orange buttons on the white part of her hoodie, over where her stomach is.

She has dark blue shorts and a large, fish-like tail. Her tail frame is the same color as her shorts, with the inside being a pale yellow color. She has black knee-high socks. One of her shoes is a purple boot, while the other is a purple sandal. She has shoulder-length brown, floofy hair. Her skin is also brown. She has yellow goat horns, too. Her eyes are also different. She has a smaller, yellow eye, and a normal-sized blue eye with an X as a pupil.

Human Edit

In real life, she has long black hair, which she puts into two braids.

She has blue eyes, and, like in the dream world, wields a bat.

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